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Frequently asked questions


How do I see the status and activity of my fleet?

AC Panther installed in the vehicle collects information from vehicle, cargo space and optional refrigeration unit continuously. Information is displayed to the driver via AC Panther display when installed. Current activity and status can be seen in real time as well as historical data at the office via the AC Panther portal.  All data is recorded into database system and can be browsed and read for reports when required also at a later date.

What if the system needs to be updated?

AC Panther hardware has an operating life time as long as your vehicles. There is no need to change the hardware. We install all software updates remotely via the AC Panther online-connection, so there is no need to take vehicles out of their normal use due to updates.

What is the EN12830 standard?

EN 12830 standard specifies the performance requirements, required testing and suitability of temperature monitoring recorders for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep-frozen/quick-frozen food and ice cream.

What does EN12830 mean for a transport company?

The cold chain of refrigerated food must be uninterrupted during transport, storage and distrubution, and the temperature conditions must be monitored and recorded. Records indicating uninterrupted cold chain must to be shown when requested. Cargo spaces used to transport refrigerated food need to be fitted with temperature recorders fulfulling the EN12830 standard. 

Does AC Panther fulfill the EN12830 standard? 

All AC Panther units with typemarking AC73001x where x = 1-9, fulfill the EN12830-standard.

What does AC Panther cost? 

Pricing comprises of two elements  1) hardware and install cost and  2) monthly fee for the portal and software. The hardware cost depends on the selected hardware options and size of fleet.

Monthly fee is calculated also based on the size of your fleet and the options you select with the system, so you do not have to pay for features that you do not need. The monthly fee includes all software updates.