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Contact information

AC Electric Vehicles, Ltd. 
Markkinakuja 3 
           FI-05400, Jokela, FINLAND

  tel  +358 9 4173085 
  fax +358 9 4171985

For enquiries please use the above contact information or fill our contact from.


Directions by car from Helsinki:

  1. Head north on motorway 3 ja take exit at Nurmijärvi (exit number 13) and then head north onto highway 130
  2. Turn left and then right onto road number 1321 towars Nukari (which goes under the highways 3 and 130)
  3. Continue unitl T-junction, then turn first right and then after 50m turn left onto highway 45 north
  4. Turn right onto road 1403 to Jokela

Directions from Helsinki-Vantaa airport:

  1. Head north towards Tuusula (highway number 45)
  2. At the roundabout on highway 45 take the Hyvinkää - direction, continuing on highway 45
  3. Continue north for approx 15 km, then turn right onto road 1403 to Jokela

By train:  Local trains "H" and "R" stop at Jokela. Our office is 200m from the Jokela railway station.